From 1978, in the heart of Cadore Valley

Italian excellence

Som Eyewear, a leader company in eyewear production, both of spectacles and sunglasses frames, specializes in the processes of traditional metal, steel and combined acetate-metal. Som Eyewear, with 40 years of history behind it, has become the ideal partner for big industries and small-case craft productions.

Som Eyewear complete proposal

Our services

All the services provided by Som Eyewear range from the design stage to the optical frames industrial production, with a significant consolidated production capability that can reach 750.000 units per year. Thanks to the dynamic interplay among the various departments and to the advanced design systems, we can internally work out all the technical details in 3 dimensions in order to develop an optimal design of the product.

We are able to realize a prototype

in 24 hours

Not always visualizing an object on video is sufficient, even if it is in 3D. It’s necessary to examine it and see the object for real. For this reasons we are able to realize, in very short time and starting from a project, a precise frame prototype, in order to control it in any part, before starting the production phase.

Thanks to the skills of our operators and the use of technologically advanced machinery, we are able to prepare frame prototypes in very short time through 5-axis processing machines , using both stereolithography and handmade processing.

Our constant focus

Production and optimization

Som provides a fully customized service for glasses production as third-party source, handmade in Italy. The services currently available in our company are as follows:

– Milling and cutting operations
– Finishing operations and assembly
– Finishing on nylon eyeglasses
– Bending and putting in shape operations
– Welding equipments – Surface Treatments
– Inserting of riveted hinges

In every step of the production process

Constant quality control

We constantly control every step of the production process, from line production to assembly, ending with packaging and shipment.

This way we can achieve high quality standards, thus satisfying the most demanding requirements.

Six reasons for choosing Som Eyewear


Som Eyewear is in the heart of the Dolomites,
in Cadore,at the centre of the world’s
most important industrial district
for the production of eyewear.


Som Eyewear has cooperated
with all the most prestigious Italian
and international groups,
producing very high quality
spectacles and sunglasses models.


We select the best materials,
from metal to titanium, from nylon to acetate
to the smallest details, and the most reliable suppliers
available on the market.


We can take care of the industrial
development of the project,
by defining every single step
from the prototyping to the making
of the molds, our aim is always
to get the best possibile result.


Thanks to a production capability
of over 750.000 units per year,
we can complete big quantity
of orders in record time,
unachievable for our competitors.


We never stop. We retain control
over the entire production process
and we invest heavely to search continually
for better technical solutions
in order to realize our projects.

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